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Due to legislation requiring passport identification for most travel plans involving
re-entering the United States, a record-breaking demand for new passports has caused delays of 4 months even for rushed service.  If you do not already have a passport valid through November 17, 2008, you should apply immediately at the nearest participating post office.  For more info, log onto


**Some content onboard the NAViGaTR Cruise may not be suitable for children.  Parental discretion is advised.  Event requires early boarding on day of departure, tentatively 11:30am.  Cruise returns to Los Angeles (Long Beach) at 8:00am on Monday, November 17, 2008.  Disembarking may run through noontime.  SHIPS, ITINERARIES, PRICING, AND COMPLIMENTARIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE UNTIL YOU MAKE YOUR BOOKING.  A deposit is required at the time of booking.  Cancellation penalties may apply.  Meals are included in pricing.  Artists, programs, and times are subject to change without notice.  Sold subject to the terms and conditions agreed to at purchase.  Late seating or booking is subject to discretion and procedures of management or performers.  Photography, recording, or reproduction in any form of some events for which this ticket is issued is prohibited.  License granted herein may be revoked by refund of established price.  Management may inspect and prohibit personal items in lounges and theatres where necessary.  Refunds and exchanges are subject to but not limited to the terms and conditions agreed to at purchase.  Fees, penalties, and gratuities related to Carnival Cruise Lines may apply.  United States guests need a valid passport.  Aliens need a valid passport and a valid U.S. Multiple Re-Entry Visa.  Resident Aliens and Aliens must contact the appropriate consulate to inquire about necessary travel documentation.  Due to delays in passport application processing, all customers without a passport are encouraged to apply as soon as possible at the nearest participating post office.  For more info, log onto http://travel.state.gov/
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