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NAViGaTR Contests
More contests, awards, and prizes to be announced!  Bring your handheld gaming systems!


V I D E O / C O S T U M E   C O N T E S T

Can you or someone in your family impersonate a celebrity or video game character?  Record footage of someone playing Nintendo Wii(R) or Guitar Hero(R) in character.  Cruise passengers will be invited to submit videos online at YouTube or qualify in live tryouts on the cruise.  At launch, NAViGaTR was the third most-watched YouTube Partner for June 24, 2007.


N A M E   T H A T   T U N E   C O N T E S T

Attendees can participate in two rounds of play.  One round challenges gamers and non-gamers to guess whether a piece of music identifies a "Video-Game" or "Not-a-Video-Game".  Prepare for surprises!  Another round tests the hard core gamers on just how much they know their video game music, asking players to identify the specific video game and/or the specific tune in the game.


G R A N D P A R E N T   I N I T I A T I O N

Cruise will also include a video game room for family tryouts and contests designed for people who have never played games...  a great photo opportunity for the entire family, with fun-filled memories to share at your next family gathering.  Control games with your body motion!  Additional details to be announced.

Coming soon:  a Take Down the Colossus contest on a 14x30 ft. screen!